Advisory Team's experts will work with you to develop a clear vision, mission and strategy for your business. AT also acts as a soundboard and bridge between your product and the market. All this to make your company's future a success!




Want to innovate and do things differently? Request the external opinion of Advisory Team, and benefit from an in-depth analysis of all relevant factors. We help you think outside the box.

Patrick Vandervelden (Managing partner)

“Together, we are building the future of your business. During our frequent consultations, our specialists act as your sounding board: they offer you the necessary perspective and ask critical questions to examine all options. Do you need help with corporate restructuring or crisis management? Our experts can also advise you on changing company form, VAT, collective redundancies and capital reduction or increase.”



Taking care of your business also means investing in a sustainable human resources policy. Advisory Team helps you bring this added value to your business.

Eddy Mostaert (Advisor)

“Advisory Team's experts will be happy to help you develop a quality human resources policy with true consideration for all your employees. They will also be happy to accompany you in your long-term development. This guarantees significant added value and a successful future for your company.”


Offering tailored advice, an interim CFO from AT will help you establish your budget and multi-year plan, and be your link to the banking world.

Katia De Kegel (Head of Projects)

“A high-level CFO who acts as a financial sparring partner will help your SME make significant progress. We accompany you during an in-depth financial follow-up, offer assistance in operational and financial matters, and prepare your budget and multi-year plan.”

Gunter Fluyt (Advisor)

“Do you need help managing your accounts receivable?” AT sends reminders on your behalf, follows up on ongoing procedures and contacts bad payers to find a solution to unpaid balances. We are also your link with the banking world: we guide you in the search for financing for new investments, or when starting a new activity.” 


Merger or takeover? Our experts calculate the value of your business and, thanks to their vast network, help you find the ideal potential buyer.

Katia De Kegel (Head of Projects)

“From the start of an acquisition process, we listen to your needs as an entrepreneur-seller. What is your objective ? What are your future plans? We guide you throughout the process: information brochure, accounting analysis, business valuation, due diligence and drafting of the acquisition contract. Good preparation is the key to a successful acquisition! ”

Patrick Vandervelden (Managing partner)

“How to establish the value of your company? You can count on AT and its specialists with many years of experience and market knowledge. They will take into account all the different factors: is your accounting structured correctly? Is there a family business inheritance? Is this the right time considering the market? When you are ready, we will then present your business to the right potential buyers.”


Want to know more about family asset planning ? Our experts provide legal, tax and financial advice for a good management of your business and assets

Katia De Kegel (Head of Projects)

“For a complete review of your asset mix, contact the Advisory Team. This will help you plan the best strategy for your business. What are your goals, and how can you align them with your family plan? Our experts identify appropriate solutions so that the continuity of your capital is assured and you can sleep soundly.” 

Tim Wauters (Advisor)

“You work hard to develop your business and your private assets. You can count on the experts at Advisory Team to help you achieve your goals and look after your family's interests. Contact us for any advice on tax projects, family charters, risk management and asset, pension and real estate planning. Together, we will also study the possibilities of transferring your assets in a tax-efficient manner.”


You will find here some of the companies we accompany (for confidentiality reasons, we do not publish all the mandates). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!